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Coffee Talk: Building Company Culture Across Dispersed Teams

source: performancecritical.com

source: performancecritical.com

Here in sunny Singapore, we’ve been experiencing a fast-growing café scene over the past several years. With new cafes popping out relentlessly every other week, coffee lovers are pretty much spoilt for choice, and even the tea-drinkers like me.

In a sea of cafés across this tiny island-state, it’s indeed tough to stand out in the crowd. You can’t just compete on good coffee and food, because bar none that’s minimal requirement these days. Customers desire more: discerning café enthusiasts have come to expect an experience; quirky distinctions that affirm that they’re not just at a regular café, but they’re at the café.

So I think the company’s culture plays a huge part in getting people to sip coffee at their cafe over all the others – time and time again. (More so than funny ads, an aggressive use of Instagram and Twitter, or new products and promotions.)

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