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How We Use Evernote to be a Better Learning Organisation

I am sure most of you have read about how we first started using Evernote, and some great uses that we have discovered since using Evernote. I think the past 3 months have made some of us fan boys/girls of Evernote. With the help of our team, I’ve put together a short video of how Evernote has helped us become a better learning organisation!

If you use Evernote, do share with us how it has helped you in your workflow!

Evernote Update: Great Uses and More

EvernoteIt’s been a month since we started using Evernote! I think it has officially broken the record as being the tech tool which took the shortest time for our company to get into the groove of using. And knowing how picky we are, this app has proven itself to be a really nifty tool for multiple purposes. When we first started on this quest to use Evernote, we had wanted to improve sharing and learning within the organisation. We created notebooks for Design, Tech, Prototyping, Content Marketing, OKRs, Management and General Company Matters. To be honest, we do have different usage rates for the different notebooks. Throughout the day, I get these little pop ups that notify me that someone has added new notes or edited notes. It’s a pretty nice reminder of how everyone in the company is actively using and contributing towards more learning in Epiphany. Though I’ve received some comments about the Windows edition of the app being lacklustre in design and UX as compared to the Mac version and it being pretty hard to track who has created and edited notes, it’s still a really useful app on the whole. Here are shoutouts from 2 teams and some feedback that I’ve gathered from the different teams over the past month!

Design Team: It’s Great for Collaborative Annotations!


A sample of how we used Skitch to annotate on the infographic that was managed in Evernote.

Jannah, our illustrator intern was working on an infographic on mLearning and needed feedback on her drafts. She added new notes on the design notebook to manage the different versions of the infographic. Jo, Terence and I installed skitch, an Evernote plugin and were able to annotate on her design. Traditionally, we would have either sat down with her and gone through the changes as she wrote them down or give comments on printed copy. This took away alot of hassle as not only did we save alot of paper, it also allowed 3 of us to give comments on the same version without having to pass around a cumbersome printed copy, and this also allowed all of us access to comments, and enabled Jannah to refer to our comments whenever she needed. The ability to edit and change annotations is also really useful!

Content Marketing: It’s Such an Easy Way to Bookmark, Clip and Share Articles for Future References.

Having tons of articles to read through and resources to share, this is a huge bulk of what I do in the day as a digital marketer. It doesn’t sound like much, but the ability to webclip articles and refer to it whenever I need to really helps me to get over the inertia of sharing an article. I used to have to copy the link and paste it on google sites and do the same when I needed to access the articles. Now, when I have time, I go through these articles by flipping through the notes. Not only that, whenever someone adds a note, I’ve real time updates on that and can immediately refer to it and add comments. My colleagues have remarked at the ease to which they get access to resources through the native app.

Importance of Building Guidelines and Sharing Best Practices

Since Evernote is essentially a blank canvas, each of us has different ways of using it for taking notes. Thus, we set some general guidelines for sharing and summarising notes. For example, if I have a specific person in mind for sharing a note, instead of merely creating the note and leaving it there, I will email the note to the person so that he is aware of it. We keep all these guidelines in our General notebook so that people can refer to it when needed. All in all, it has been a great experience so far. I’ve even started to use Evernote for personal use. I’ve started notebooks on stuff that I’m interested in, like Music and Social Causes, clipping interesting articles for use. I’ve even created a Decor notebook between a couple of my friends who are in charge of decorations for a good friend’s wedding. How have you used Evernote for your business, school or personal life? Do share it with us in the comments section below!

Evernote For a Better Learning Organisation

epireviewSince our company’s induction, we’ve used Google Sites to help us manage knowledge in our company. This includes:

  • Onboarding information for new employees
  • Trainer guides for our part-time trainers
  • Management of our team and personal objectives and key results throughout the quarter
  • Records of of AAR (After Action Reviews) for future referrals
  • Records of company workflows and SOPs
  • Separate wiki sites for the tech, content and marketing team detailing our research, to be shared with the rest of the team

Google sites is meant to be a Web 2.0 tool that encourages collaboration and file sharing through its rather comprehensive resource integration with Google docs, enabled uploading/downloading of documents and ability to embed videos. We’ve found its interface to be compatible for sharing content that requires structure and minimal editing throughout the year, like company values, onboarding procedures, or AARs meant for future references.

However, when it comes to sharing of resources like articles and web links- content that is ever changing, that’s where the experience of adding and organising them feels rather cumbersome. Firstly, we digest information alot on the go and some times we only want to give 30 secs of our time to bookmark the link, and share some key points of the article. Google sites does not have a native app on the mobile and this makes something as simple as sharing a video or link on the wiki page a 5-step process. Secondly, as Google sites is a wiki for us, we want to adhere to its structure and organisation. However, while on the go, merely pasting a link together with key points is messy.


Inbuilt share function on mobile

Because of the inconvenience we faced, we found ourselves sharing these links and resources through the mobile inbuilt share function via gmail or whatsapp. Over time, these resources get lost in the sea of the messaging system. It is a hassle to search for whenever we need them for reference.

Essentially, the wiki wasn’t the right app to complement what we were doing. We were note-taking and bookmarking, but the wiki contained a structured database of resources that needed time to organise. We needed a shared notebook, an app that wasn’t as structured and formal as Google Sites to complement the way we searched for, digested and bookmarked information in our daily life!

Here Comes Evernote


Source: Evernote.com

I first learnt about Evernote 2 years ago after visiting their booth setup in an education conference. I didn’t think much of it as I am a typical sequential learner who needs to be guided through new things. Evernote was a totally blank slate and I didn’t know how to get started and what it could do.

Fast forward to a few weeks back, we decided to explore apps to make sharing resources easier for us. After watching some Evernote videos, I was enlightened by how convenient collaborative note sharing could be accessed by multiple users across multiple devices. It is interesting how increasing the frequency of sharing could lead to more collaboration and team work, and as sharing of knowledge became more transparent, potentially lead to better business outcomes.

This is how MailChimp uses Evernote. Pretty cool how it complements and simplifies workflows.

After a short discussion with the partners and briefing the office, we’ve started notebooks for Design, Tech, Prototyping, Content Marketing, OKRs, Management and General Company Matters. We also got everyone in the office to download Evernote on their laptops and mobile devices. Each of us have either gotten an Evernote Basic or an Evernote Premium account. It’s been over a week, and we’ve seen a significant spike in the sharing of articles and other resources in the office. Am excited to see where it will lead us to in the upcoming months! Stay tuned for more updates.