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Key Steps to Training your Extended Enterprise

source: visionmissions.com

source: visionmissions.com

No company works alone. Businesses today are not made up of just their employees, but also their business partners, suppliers and even customers – a group known as the “extended enterprise”.

Many forward-thinking companies have long reaped the benefits of providing information to, building knowledge centres around, or educating their extended enterprise. The benefits of which usually focus around the themes of increasing revenue or reducing costs. If you need a bit more convincing to its merit, you can check out: How Training Customers Leads to New Revenue and How Channel Learning Strengthens Partnerships, Improves Customer Satisfaction and Earns you more Revenue.

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Top Tips to Creating Awesome Mobile Learning Slides

source: blog.linkedin.com

source: blog.linkedin.com

Slides need no introduction in the online learning world. Straightforward, simple and it gets the job done; delivering concepts with varying levels of complexity.

Considering that you’re elearning slides have served you so well (if it’s well-designed of course), there is great temptation to repurpose this existing content for a mobile audience. But just making them available anytime and anywhere is not going to do the trick. Mobile learning courses are a lot shorter and the use cases are different – so don’t expect an elearning slideshow that was meant to be consumed for 25 minutes at the desk to be effective on mobile.

People are going to view your slides on a screen one-tenth of that of the average laptop, so making slides for mobile calls for a redesign and not a repurpose of your existing ones.

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Top Tips to Creating Awesome Mobile Learning Podcasts

source: www.opencolleges.edu.au

source: www.opencolleges.edu.au

Podcasts are a great way to reach mobile learners. It lets you feed them with small nuggets of recorded information while they’re on their commute, waiting in line at lunch, on evening jogs or whenever there’s some downtime during their day. You see the beauty of podcasts is that learners don’t feel like they have to set aside extra time to learn; podcasts integrate so well into activities they already do daily.

Podcasts can be listened to or viewed across most mobile devices, and there are many ways to share them with your learners. For instance, you could provide a link to your podcast directly on your learning site or course, share it on social media, and even offer it on iTunes.

So are you ready to get started creating your awesome podcasts? Let these following tips help you on your way!

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Top Tips to Creating Awesome Mobile Learning Videos Part I

source: travelandleisure.com

source: travelandleisure.com

Having content for your mobile learners is not simply about putting your entire library of eLearning resources on their mobile devices. Content that was designed to be consumed on desktops for 20 minutes or longer – is just not going to cut it on the mobile.

So developing content for mobile consumption does require a little more thought and effort, though it doesn’t have to be such an arduous task. To help you get started, in the coming weeks we’ll be sharing top tips to developing content in a variety of formats for mobile. First up, we’ll tell you how to create great training videos for learners on-the-move.

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Inspire Your Creative Mind Anytime, Anywhere with Clean User Interface Apps

5 mobile apps I cannot live without
Are you someone who is very particular about user interface? Do you like to read about global happenings around the world and keep yourself informed with current affairs? Do you like to get inspiration from poets, writers and illustrators to expose yourself to more creative and aesthetically pleasant work? Earlier this month we started a blog series on “5 Mobile Apps I Cannot Live Without”. Today we have Alcan, one of our interns, to share with us 5 mobile apps he cannot live without!


It is slightly difficult to imagine with the ubiquity of smartphone and movie technology that it has only been 8 years since the first release of the first iPhone and the app store that came with it a year later. Yet, it seems like yesterday when I traded in my “space-age” Sony Ericsson phone for the iPhone 3G – and was introduced to the world of apps.

While I’m no longer the owner of the latest incarnation of the iPhone, I carry a trusty, cyanogen-mod HTC One loaded with some of my favourite apps I simply cannot live without. They include:

1. SG Buses


This app is arguably my most opened app – and is pretty self explanatory. You open the app and check when the next bus will arrive. While somewhat mundane, it has proven to be useful in making certain beneficial decisions. Besides the fact that it helps me to save time, knowing that the next bus comes in 15 minutes probably means I’ll walk to the previous stop(which is often empty) and grab a seat while the rest of my friends attempt to jostle through the sweat and humidity of people to board.

2. Whatsapp

WhatsApp-2.8.6I essentially use this app as an alternative to SMS.  People use the app to contact me and I use it to contact others. Not much elaboration needed.

3. Vimeo

vimeo_iconI watch videos – a lot of videos. And Vimeo is a video sharing platform that allows some of the most creative minds post their work to share with the rest of the world. As a photographer and videographer, this is one of my go-to places for inspiration. The best part? Being mobile means I can continue to be inspired anytime, anywhere – lying down, eating or while travelling.

4.  International New York Times

newyorktimesNYT is just… well… nifty. Its user interface is clean, fonts are well used and is just an overall pleasure to read. As far as I’m aware, this is one of the most well-implemented digital news apps I’ve used across all the platforms. There are also some seasonal projects that involve multimedia that really showcase how design and technology can be melded together into a dizzying spectacle. Also, its wide archive is great for searching up even the most obscure of articles – a weird hobby of mine.

 5. Tumblr

tumblrThis is a toss up between Pinterest, Flickr and Goodreads. These are all places where I find my inspiration and ideas. However, Tumblr is probably the most opened app among them because of its diversity of content and artistic merit. Not only is it free ( Yay!) , it is also the home to the blogs of many poets, writers and illustrators, all of which showcase work that is absolutely invigorating to the mind. Not to mention, the fandom that produce some of the most hilarious and awe-inspiring work all at the same time. And it’s accessible at anytime – as long as you have an internet connection.

This marks the last post of our blog series “5 Mobile Apps I Cannot Live Without”. We hope you have benefited from our sharing so far, because we certainly did (Yay to downloading more Apps) while compiling the lists!

Do leave your comments and share with us some of the apps you absolutely cannot live without! (and perhaps am dying to share with someone?)