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Inspire Your Creative Mind Anytime, Anywhere with Clean User Interface Apps

5 mobile apps I cannot live without
Are you someone who is very particular about user interface? Do you like to read about global happenings around the world and keep yourself informed with current affairs? Do you like to get inspiration from poets, writers and illustrators to expose yourself to more creative and aesthetically pleasant work? Earlier this month we started a blog series on “5 Mobile Apps I Cannot Live Without”. Today we have Alcan, one of our interns, to share with us 5 mobile apps he cannot live without!


It is slightly difficult to imagine with the ubiquity of smartphone and movie technology that it has only been 8 years since the first release of the first iPhone and the app store that came with it a year later. Yet, it seems like yesterday when I traded in my “space-age” Sony Ericsson phone for the iPhone 3G – and was introduced to the world of apps.

While I’m no longer the owner of the latest incarnation of the iPhone, I carry a trusty, cyanogen-mod HTC One loaded with some of my favourite apps I simply cannot live without. They include:

1. SG Buses


This app is arguably my most opened app – and is pretty self explanatory. You open the app and check when the next bus will arrive. While somewhat mundane, it has proven to be useful in making certain beneficial decisions. Besides the fact that it helps me to save time, knowing that the next bus comes in 15 minutes probably means I’ll walk to the previous stop(which is often empty) and grab a seat while the rest of my friends attempt to jostle through the sweat and humidity of people to board.

2. Whatsapp

WhatsApp-2.8.6I essentially use this app as an alternative to SMS.  People use the app to contact me and I use it to contact others. Not much elaboration needed.

3. Vimeo

vimeo_iconI watch videos – a lot of videos. And Vimeo is a video sharing platform that allows some of the most creative minds post their work to share with the rest of the world. As a photographer and videographer, this is one of my go-to places for inspiration. The best part? Being mobile means I can continue to be inspired anytime, anywhere – lying down, eating or while travelling.

4.  International New York Times

newyorktimesNYT is just… well… nifty. Its user interface is clean, fonts are well used and is just an overall pleasure to read. As far as I’m aware, this is one of the most well-implemented digital news apps I’ve used across all the platforms. There are also some seasonal projects that involve multimedia that really showcase how design and technology can be melded together into a dizzying spectacle. Also, its wide archive is great for searching up even the most obscure of articles – a weird hobby of mine.

 5. Tumblr

tumblrThis is a toss up between Pinterest, Flickr and Goodreads. These are all places where I find my inspiration and ideas. However, Tumblr is probably the most opened app among them because of its diversity of content and artistic merit. Not only is it free ( Yay!) , it is also the home to the blogs of many poets, writers and illustrators, all of which showcase work that is absolutely invigorating to the mind. Not to mention, the fandom that produce some of the most hilarious and awe-inspiring work all at the same time. And it’s accessible at anytime – as long as you have an internet connection.

This marks the last post of our blog series “5 Mobile Apps I Cannot Live Without”. We hope you have benefited from our sharing so far, because we certainly did (Yay to downloading more Apps) while compiling the lists!

Do leave your comments and share with us some of the apps you absolutely cannot live without! (and perhaps am dying to share with someone?)

Effectively Use Waiting Time To Gain Knowledge and Manage Finances Using These 5 Marvelous Apps

5 mobile apps I cannot live withoutAre you someone who loves to make full use of your time and try to reduce time wasted on waiting for public transport? Or perhaps you are trying to be more mindful of your daily spending and want to keep track of your daily expenses in a most convenient way. Earlier this month, we started a blog series on “5 Mobile Apps I Cannot Live Without”. Here’s what our Content Lead Hui Xin has to say!

huixin-sSo while we’re (always) on the topic of mobile learning, I cannot imagine how I can ever live without the smartphone (and a data plan). Call it over-reliance if you wish, and of course on a philosophical level, if smart phones had ceased to exist, we wouldn’t be lamenting about how we couldn’t live without it, because we would have chosen to just work our way around navigating ourselves in lost situations, or wait for a bus without the knowledge of when it will next arrive.

But of course, with knowledge of such smart devices and having integrated them into my life, it would be such a torture going a day without it. Phantom-limb syndrome, they call it. Anyway, here’s 5 of the mobile apps I absolutely cannot live without!

1. SGBuses

sgbusesSGBuses tells you the estimated time of  arrival of the next 2 buses, and allows you to bookmark your buses and your bus stops. It is the app for people who try to squeeze the most out of their traveling and preparation time. This is the one app that has totally changed the way I plan my schedule and time because I’m now able to check for bus arrival timings and time my walk to the bus stop so I don’t have to spend too much time waiting.

2. Singapore Map

sinapore mapSingapore Map is an app developed by the street directory and is insanely useful for serving 2 functions- mapping routes and as a virtual map. Many people prefer to use google maps for their GPS, and it is pretty useful for driving routes. However, I find Singapore Map to be simpler in their interface when I am trying to map public transport routes as they give me the option of comparison between timings if I took the taxi, the bus or a combination of bus+train. It even tells me the estimated cab fare!

3. GrabTaxi

grabtaxiI take taxis pretty often during the weekends and it gets me really frustrated during the peak hours when there is no available cab in sight and the taxi hotlines are full. I would say GrabTaxi has really made taxi booking a much more pleasant experience. Firstly, the average time that I take to get a cab is significantly lower when I use this app. Secondly, this app matches me to the nearest taxi (with this app) in my vicinity and this drastically reduces waiting time. This is because taxi booking hotlines operates on a “fastest fingers system” for its cab drivers and this is not an efficient system for the customer as the cab driver may be far from the pick up location. I am also able to track the location of the cab driver and call him/her anytime to clarify details. I’ve also spoken to cab drivers about this app and they have attested to how taking away the middle man (the cab company) has helped them made processes alot smoother for them (That is a story for another day).

4. Straits Times (Monthly Subscription: S$3.21)

straits timesThere is nothing fancy about this app as it is essentially the mobile copy of The Straits Times. Its interface is designed for small screens and navigation is fairly simple- the user swipes to read the next article. It is filtered to different categories like Top Stories, Latest, Most Read and the usual news categories, which helps to sieve out popular news for the reader. Accessibility, being the largest chasm to cross in declining readership of the papers has been combated because I can now read the news during the pockets of free time that I have while on-the-go. It is also easy for me to share news articles by emailing them to people, using WhatsApp, Evernote, etc.

5. Dollarbird

dollarbirdI have been trying to keep track of my expenses in a bid to be more mindful of my spending and ploughed through many money managing apps to settle on this because of its simplicity, pretty UI and easy UX. Dollarbird’s default page is on a calender, where you simply swipe down to record an expense, keying in details and tagging the expense in categories. I would say it has been a breeze using it.

So are you inspired by Hui Xin to use the mobile apps she shared to cut down pockets of waiting time and to be more mindful of your own spending? Wait no longer and download the apps she mentioned. Stay tuned for more sharing by our team!

Gain Creative Inspiration And Keep Yourself Entertained On The Go With These 5 Amazing Apps

5 mobile apps I cannot live without

Are you someone who used to only use your phone for communication purposes, but after you purchased your first smartphone, you find yourself doing 398641 things with your phone? Are you someone who uses your phone as your source of entertainment and gain creative inspiration for work? Earlier this month, we started a blog series on “5 Mobile Apps I cannot Live Without”. Here’s what one of our interns, Xiu Ting has to say!


I use my phone quite often as it is my source of entertainment. These days, I probably check my phone every hour when just a few years back when I wasn’t using Iphone, I used my phone only when I needed to call someone. I think how important your phone is to you depends on what you use it for. My phone is very important to me because it helps me get to unfamiliar places, communicate with friends and family members, be a little more on time (because I can check bus timings) and get inspiration for my designs.

1. Google Maps

google mapAs long as I have my phone with me, I have access to the map.  I think Google Maps has a great interface and I love it that it has both the satellite and street views.

2. Whatsapp

WhatsApp-2.8.6Whatsapp to me is very  similar to the old school MSN, but on a phone. I love it that Whatsapp allows me to share my location with my friend with just a click. It makes it so much easier than having to type the address.

3. NextRide

nextrideNextRide helps me calculate the transportation time (including the waiting time) to get to where I want to go. I like this app because it provides options in terms of various bus routes and I never have to worry about going to a place with no MRT station ever since I discovered this app.

4. Instagram


I guess everybody knows what this app does. This is one app that I have to use everyday because I follow designers who  inspires me through their posts. Sometimes when I run out of ideas at work, I will look through my timeline to get inspiration.

5. Spotify


Spotify is a music app which allows me to listen to my own playlists or playlists created by others. I swear that they have almost every song! They also have an offline mode(only if you’re a premium user) where I can listen to without internet  connection. I don’t think there will be a day I can live without music. Spotify is a useful app when it comes to finding new tracks to listen to, checking out the billboard charts. It keeps me updated with the latest and popular tracks.

Well, that’s all we have from Xiu Ting. Stay tuned from more posts on “5 Mobile Apps I Cannot Live Without ” from the Epiphany Team!

Increase Personal Productivity On The Go Using These 5 Amazing Apps

5 mobile apps I cannot live without

Are you someone who uses your smartphone like your Personal Assistant, noting down deadlines, tracking your exercise regime and setting reminders for yourself? Last week, we started a blog series on “5 Mobile Apps I Cannot Live Without” and I shared my thoughts on the mobile apps that are very important to me. Today, Salomo, one of our interns,  is going to share with us the 5 mobile apps he uses to increase personal productivity.


I currently have 3 mobile devices, my iPhone, my iPod touch, and my Surface. The ones that I usually carry around with me are my iPhone and iPod touch. My iPod touch is very crucial for me during commuting, as I can listen to music or watch videos with it to kill time. My phone, on the other hand, is usually used during the day mostly for communication purposes.

1. Alarm(built-in app) clock

Alarm is part of the built-in app Clock that is really crucial in my life. I’m sure you know what it does. Let’s just say, I will never go to work or school without this app.

jefit 2. Jefit

 Jefit is an app that I use mostly when I’m working out at the gym. This app provides me with a range of features that help me  keep track of my workout and my physique. I can customise my own workout schedule and the app will keep track of everything  that I do at the gym (what workout I did, how many sets I did). I like it because it’s so convenient to use and it provides an accurate reference of my previous workouts in case I forget. Before I discovered this app, I had to write everything down in a notebook, draw a table before every workout in that book and change a notebook when it’s all filled up. Now I just need to bring my phone and everything is taken care of!

WhatsApp-2.8.6 3. WhatsApp

  As we all know, WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows people to chat for free using their phone number. I use it mainly      because everyone else is using. Due to the fact that I have a lot of group project work to do in school, WhatsApp enables me to  create group chats for easy communication in the group. It helps me to communicate conveniently with people who live overseas as well!

safari4. Safari (built-in app)

I use Safari to surf the internet when I am commuting, waiting for someone or simply when I have questions about something.

 reminders-new5. Reminders (built-in app)

As the name implies, it basically reminds me of what to do at a certain time. I usually use this to remind me of the deadlines I have, like a project submission, to pay rent, or anything else that absolutely must not be forgotten. I like it because now I can rely on this app to remind me of what I need to do!
So that’s all we have from Salomo. Stay tuned for more posts on “5 Mobile Apps I Cannot Live Without” featuring my colleagues and their Must-Have mobile apps!

Keep Yourself Entertained On The Go With These 5 Amazing Apps

5 mobile apps I cannot live without


Do you like to ensure that your time is used effectively and not wasted? While waiting for a bus or for someone, do you use your mobile phone to keep yourself occupied? Do you enjoy getting inspiration from social media?

Last week, we started a blog series on “5 Mobile Apps I Cannot Live Without”  and I shared my thoughts on the mobile apps that are very important to me. Today, Sam, our content lead, is going to share with us the love-hate relationship she has with her mobile phone and the top 5 mobile apps she uses to keep herself entertained while being on the go.


Sam Fam

The mobile phone – I have a love/hate relationship with it.

When you’re lost on a deserted part of the island void of people (which is increasingly rare these days) and you’re trying to find your way home, the mobile phone is a godsend.

When you’re waiting on an important text from someone who takes forever to reply you, the mobile phone never leaves your sight.

When you receive a call or a text  you don’t want to entertain but you know you must, the mobile phone is a pain in the butt. 

The mobile phone is convenient and I love it! The mobile phone is convenient and I hate it.

Here are my top 5 apps in no particular order:

WhatsApp-2.8.6 1. Whatsapp

 I think this app doesn’t require much introduction. 
 Free text messaging, funny and rude emojis! What’s not to love?

pinterest2. Pinterest

The Pinterest app is great for collecting ideas and inspirations on an aesthetically pleasing pinboard. 
I use it to get inspired by other people’s stuff. I like to follow health and fitness boards, see the insanely sculpted abs on those of other women, feel bad about my body for about 5 seconds and then proceed to chomp down on my cheeseburger guilt-free.  

YouTube-2-icon 3. Youtube

 I like viewing Youtube on my phone even when I have access to it on my laptop. Viewing movies on a smaller screen sounds  ridiculous, but its comforting somehow to me :p

I use it sometimes to learn things on the go – things like cracking open a coconut.

spotify 4. Spotify

 Spotify is a great music app that has pretty decent playlists created by the community. 
 I listen to Spotify on my daily commutes and I pretty much can’t live without it. As a suggestion though, Spotify should come  with a feature that reminds you not to leave you earphones at home. 

flappy bird 5. Flappy Bird

 The most frustrating game in the universe. Curse whoever introduced it to me! I spent an hour and a half of my life trying to  get a score higher than my friend. But it was time well-spent, because I beat her (for a whole day). 

I keep it on my phone for nostalgic reasons.

That’s all we have from Sam. Stay tuned for more posts on “5 Mobile Apps I Cannot Live Without” featuring my colleagues and their Must-Have mobile apps!